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Vancouver elopement on the beach at Spanish Banks / Sarah & Richard

I met Sarah & Richard and a small group of their family and friends for their Spanish Banks beach elopement in Vancouver just before Christmas. The couple were just about to return home to Ireland for the holidays and fingers were crossed for good weather on the day. Thankfully Vancouver came through and these two were a total joy to work with - complete naturals in front of the camera and all around good people.

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Intimate Queen Elizabeth Park Wedding Ceremony in Vancouver, BC / Camille & Pedro

Camille & Pedro gathered together with a small group of their family and friends for an intimate wedding ceremony in Vancouvers Queen Elizabeth Park. I only spent an hour with them but it was enough time to really leave a strong impression on me. The wedding was without any bells or whistles, just a beautiful setting and a couple in love surrounded by the people they hold dearest. There’s something really nice about keeping it simple.

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Pender Island Wedding / Lydia & Michael

Lydia & Michael’s wedding on Pender Island is easily one of my favourites I’ve ever been a part of. Their ceremony officiated by Penny Allport was beautiful, marked by the ringing of a meditation bell, the passing of the rings through the hands of all the guests present and then capped off by the bride and groom entering the church alone together to ring the church bell. It was deeply moving, unique and a perfect representation of these two kind and warm people.

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